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iloyalty loyalty card advert advertising promotion offer money saving proximity realtime

iLoyalty is an app that will deliver Money Off Discounts and Special Offer Colour Adverts from local retailers directly to your phone, wherever you happen to be.

iLoyalty will allow you to access information from existing Customer Loyalty Schemes.

When the iLoyalty app is running (or in the background if your phone is running ios 4 or later) it will regularly check your location using the phones built in GPS, and then alert you (once only) to the Money Off Discounts and Special Offers available from those local retailers.

You will receive the colour adverts when you are within close proximity of the retail outlet, then you can decide ‘there and then’ if you are interested in that particular promotion. You don’t have to wade through endless promotional emails and then print off A4 colour vouchers at home.

iLoyalty will allow you to replace some of your existing Customer Loyalty Cards, by storing your details within the app, so you won’t have to carry bulging wallets and purses full of store cards.

In the Autumn of 2011, the next version of iLoyalty will enable smaller retailers, such as pubs, restaurants and shops to run their own Loyalty Schemes, administered by iLoyalty.

iLoyalty is a new app and new retailers are being added every day, but if you have a favourite local shop, restaurant or pub that you would like to receive Money Off Discounts and Special Offers from, tell them to contact iLoyalty. They will be able to increase their sales by keeping you informed of current promotions.

iLoyalty Smartphone App